Bar and Wire Solutions

  • We provide custom built strapping machines for bar mills and wire rod mills. 
  • We offer both punch-joint and TIG welding strapping technologies. 
  • Our machines are designed to provide maximum safety and stability till the product reaches the end user. 
  • Cycle times are the best in the industry 
  • We can combine tagging solutions along with strapping. 
  • Major references: JSW Steel, JSPL steel

HR Steel Circum Strapping

  • Strapping of hot rolled coils with punched and TIG welding strapping heads.
  • Designed to withstand high extreme temperatures – our Circum Strapping machines are installed on down coilers and walking beams
  • All our machines have service position for ease of operations and maintenance 
  • Design suitable for pallet conveyor and walking beam 
  • Option of movable and stationary machines 
  • Single head and dual head 
  • Major references: JSW Steel, TATA Steel

HR Steel Eye Strapping

  • Design and manufacturing of radial strapping machines along with forged cradle rollers suitable for 35 MT HR coils. 
  • Strapping of hot rolled coils with punched and TIG welding strapping heads.
  • Programmable for desired number of straps at equidistance ranging from 1 to 4 straps per coil
  • Design suitable for pallet conveyor and walking beam
  • Two simultaneous strapping with twin head strapping machine
  • Modular design for ease of operations and maintenance
  • Major references: TATA Steel 

HR Steel X grade Strapping

  • X grade steel has very high yield strength 
  • Requires strapping machines with high joint strength which can apply higher strap tensioning forces. 
  • Our strapping machines equipped with VS32-L-SM Strapping head are best in class for X grade coils
  • 50% fewer straps for X80, X100 grade coils with TITANARG ® joint and SUPERMEGASTRAP. 
  • Major references: TATA Steel

CR Steel Coil Strapping

  • Variety of strapping machines suitable for all types of CR coils – HRPO, CRCA, GPGI, colour coated, electrical steel. 
  • Selection from Steel and PET strapping heads based on application requirement. 
  • Strap width varying from 19 mm to 32 mm. 
  • Stationary and movable strapping machines 
  • Customization for eye parallel and perpendicular coil movements

Zinc & Aluminum Strapping

  • Wide range of strapping solutions for aluminum coils, ingots, billets, slabs, profiles and sheets. 
  • Our strapping machines for ingot bundles are equipped with TITAN strapping heads with thermo weld joint. 
  • Powerful Tensioning force upto 11,500 N. 
  • We provide online weighing, compacting, strapping and labelling of zinc ingots. 
  • Diverse strapping patterns applied as per customer requirements

Brick Strapping

  • Vertical and horizontal strapping of stacked bricks
  • Electronically controlled tensioning force based on brick strength 
  • Designed to apply multiple straps 
  • Label applicator and side compactor application can be installed