Our Impact


We developed a conducive work culture that ensures safety, diversity and equal opportunities for all and this is what keeps our people motivated to be part of successful stories. We focus on building an atmosphere where our people belong, contribute and thrive across the value chain to build and nurture our human capital.


The introduction of MVS ACMEI’s Patented Re-usable Saddles is winning not only our customers but also wining mother nature. The use of PE Saddles is both economical and environmentally sustainable in the long term. Traditionally, the industry practice includes usage of Wooden Saddles for storing steel coils. In order to cater to the massive volumes of transporting and storing steel coils, millions of trees are cut. Our PE Saddles eliminate this need to frequently bring in new wooden saddles and allow each PE Saddle to be re-used with no limitation on shelf life. We are all ears to innovating!

Giving Back

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to MVS ACMEI FOUNDATION, a not-for-profit social initiative to support individuals in need of basic amenities. During the 2nd wave lockdown in India, MVS ACMEI Foundation led a food distribution campaign of giving away 9,000 healthy meals for COVID patients, their families, and the frontline workers at TIMS Hospital, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.