Coil Packaging Line

End to End Packaging Line

  • Advanced auto packaging lines with electrical automation and Level II integration with client ERP systems
  • Packaging line includes a variety of equipment such as coil king, fabric wrapping, metal packing, edge feeding, steel strapping, net and gross weighing
  • High speed coil cars for coil transfer between stations
  • Automation suitable for different type of pack styles and configurations
  • We provide customised solutions based on available budgets and offer semi-automatic and fully automatic lines accordingly
  • We also offer Upgradation of existing lines after a thorough field audit and recommend necessary solutions
  • Customisation based on material grades, dimensions, product market mix and dispatch philosophy
End to End Packaging Line


Auto Coil Packaging line consists of below equipment :

  • Coil king with auto edge feeding and auto shuttle changeover
  • Automatic HDPE / paper wrapping
  • Automatic bubble guard top sheet application
  • Auto GP top sheet application
  • Auto GP edge feeding
  • Circum & eye strapping
  • Independent coil cars
  • Integrated coil cars
  • Level II integration
  • Major References: Protec Steel USA, JSW Steel