Transfer System

Coil Tilters

  • Coil Tilters serve the purpose of changing the orientation of coil from eye to wall to eye to sky and vice versa.
  • We provide coil tilters for HR and CR Coils.
  • We provide coil tilting upto maximum load of 35 MT
  • Equipped with PU pads to avoid damage to the coil
  • Cycle time of 40 seconds
  • Specially designed to lift the coils with fork lift as well as with crane.

Two Way & Four Way Coil Cars

  • State-of-the art coil cars for transfer of coils.
  • 2 way and 4 way coil cars
  • Best-in-class drive mechanism for high speed movement
  • Designed for highest safety and stability during transportation.
  • Custom-programmable
  • References: JSW Steel,