Customer Benefits

• strapping of highest X-grade coils
• robust, fast and reliable
• for roughest industrial environment

Technical Features

• tension force:    4.0 – 20 kN | 900 – 4,500 lbf
• feeding speed: 1.7 m/s | 5.6 ft/sec
• strap dimensions: to 32 x 1.45 mm | 1 1/4 x 0.057”

Extreme strength meets enormous reliability
Strapping heads for heavy-duty strapping applications are part of TITAN’s daily business. However, applications exist that pose challenges for even the toughest strapping experts. Particularly, when we move about in the sector of the ultra-high strength pipe strap qualities.

Unimaginable forces are at work that need to be kept in check. For this purpose, the specialists at TITAN have developed an extreme and reliable solution in many sleepless nights. TITAN presents VS32-L-SM. This is a high-performance head with 20,000 N tensioning force and triple welding spot according to the patented TITANARG® process.
It is specifically designed for processing Super MEGABAND® up to 32 x 1.45 mm. This unique combination of head and extremely strong strap makes high performance possible. Based on the proven and robust technology of the VS32-L, the head with the name affix SM sets new standards and plays undoubtedly in the upper league of strapping technology.

The fact that such a powerful calibre can also work fast and contribute to cost reduction and time saving once again impressively proves that TITAN’s approach is always differentiated. VS32-L-SM: For power and control in the top class.

Technical Data
Kind of drive Electro pneumatic
Tension force 4,000 – 20,000 N (adjustable)
Mains voltage 400 V AC / 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V
Welding voltage
400 V ; 460 V
Strap conveying speed ca. 1.7 m/s

appr. 5.6 ft/s

Dimensions 680 x 580 x 770 mm (L x W x H)

26.8 x 22.8 x 30.3″ (L x W x H)

Weight 250 kg
551.2 lb
Air pressure min. 5 bar
max. 6 bar
Air consumption
(depending on channel size)
ca. 0.2 – 0.3 m³ per strapping

approx. 7.1 – 10.6 ft³ per strapping

Cross-section 1/2″
Type of strap Steel strap
Strap Automatenband
Strap width 32 mm
1 1/4″
Strap thickness 0.80 – 1.00 mm
0.031 – 0.039″
0.80 – 1.45 mm
0.031 – 0.057″
0.80 – 1.45 mm
0.031 – 0. 057″
Kind of seal TIG welding joint
Sealing strength
(depending on strap quality, strap dimensions)
up to 85% of the strap breaking load
Minimum bearing area
Round package Ø 1200 mm
Ø 47.2″
Flat package 500 mm
Heavy-duty strapping applications; for strapping of slit coils, steel coils