Customer Benefits

• pneumatic sealer – ease of use
• simple maintenance
• ergonomic and robust design

Technical Features

• double notch
• strap dimensions: from 19 x 0.80mm  |  3/4 x 0.031”
• weight: 4.5kg / 9.9lb


Double throughout
Two are better than one – a phrase that may not always be true but hits the nail on the head when it comes to this tool. And that on two levels. On the one hand, it concerns joining. At the single push of a button, the DPZ-L generates two notches in the seal.
This self-contained notching process guarantees the highest degree of joint reliability and easy handling. Added to this is the enormous time savings thanks to the process of double notching.
In addition, the DPZ-L is very easy to maintain thanks not least to the two air chambers in this sealer making the use of springs unnecessary and the entire tool less vulnerable. “Less vulnerable” is an understatement as the DPZ-L has repeatedly proven itself in practice through its robustness like the PR33, the tensioner matching the SPZ-L.
Together they stand for maximum reliability in heavy-duty bandage applications.

Technical Data
Kind of drive (sealing) Pneumatic
Dimensions 340 x 150 x 285 mm (L x W x H)

13.4 x 5.9 x 11.2″ (L x W x H)

Weight 4.5 kg
9.9 lb
Air pressure max. 6 bar flow pressure
Type of strap Steel strap
Strap Automatenband
Strap width 19, 25 mm (Serie 1)
32 mm (Serie 2)
3/4″ ; 1″ (series 1)
1 1/4″ (series 2)
Strap thickness 0.80 – 1.00 mm (for Automatenband)
0.80 mm (for MEGABAND®)
0.031 – 0.039″ (for Automatenband)
0.031″ (for MEGABAND®)
Kind of seal Seal-joint (double notch)
Strapping of packages and palletized goods with small contact surfaces.