• Wide range of solutions based on coil orientation and dimensions
  • Coil King for widths more than 600 mm
  • Ring wrapping for width starting from 25 mm
  • 2 layer application – stretch film and woven fabric
  • Option of Auto-weighing and multiple cradle rollers
  • In-built auto sealing mechanism

Brick Strapping Solutions

  • vertical and horizontal strapping of stacked bricks
  • Electronically controlled tensioning force based on brick strength 
  • Designed to apply multiple straps 
  • Label applicator and side compactor application can be installed

Circum Strapping

  • Strapping of hot rolled coils with punched and TIG welding strapping heads.
  • Designed to withstand high extreme temperatures – our Circum Strapping machines are installed on down coilers and walking beams
  • All our machines have service position for ease of operations and maintenance 
  • Design suitable for pallet conveyor and walking beam 
  • Option of movable and stationary machines 
  • Single head and dual head 
  • Major references: JSW Steel, TATA Steel

Eye strapping

  • Design and manufacturing of radial strapping machines along with forged cradle rollers suitable for 35 MT HR coils. 
  • Strapping of hot rolled coils with punched and TIG welding strapping heads.
  • Programmable for desired number of straps at equidistance ranging from 1 to 4 straps per coil
  • Design suitable for pallet conveyor and walking beam
  • Two simultaneous strapping with twin head strapping machine
  • Modular design for ease of operations and maintenance
  • Major references: TATA Steel 

X grade strapping

  • X grade steel has very high yield strength 
  • Requires strapping machines with high joint strength which can apply higher strap tensioning forces. 
  • Our strapping machines equipped with VS32-L-SM Strapping head are best in class for X grade coils
  • 50% fewer straps for X80, X100 grade coils with TITANARG ® joint and SUPERMEGASTRAP. 
  • Major references: TATA Steel

Client Testimonials

"MVS ACMEI's Automatic 4-way Coil Transfer System adds top-notch value to the packaging of Steel Colour Coated Line at Kalmeshwar. Equipment & Automation are par excellence; be it the design, performance, consistency and reliability."

JSW Steel Coated Products

I would like to highly appreciate the remarkable contributions of Team MVS ACMEI in the field of Production, Safety and Environment. The sustainable innovative ideas and dedication have not only made the operation more efficient but have also enhanced the safety and well-being of employees."


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