MVS ACMEI in Partnership with TITAN – Germany has Introduced India’s First Sealless TIG Strapping Technology

What is a Sealless TIG Strapping Technology?

A sealless joint is a strapping joint that eliminates the need for strapping seals, providing a secure and cost-effective method for closing strapping. It was procured by MVS ACMEI to enable the SMART Technology movement in the Indian Industrial Packaging Industry. The sealless strapping tech was developed by TITAN Germany and has since become one of the most relevant sealing methods for steel straps. The sealless joint is achieved using interlocking keys, which provide static joint strength equal to that of notch-type joints.

The Applications

Sealless TIG Strapping Technology is used to strap steel hot coils, steel cold coils, zinc, aluminium, bars, rods, wires, bricks, blocks, and more.

The sealless joint is a strong and secure method for closing strapping, and it is commonly used in high-volume applications due to its quick application process.
Sealless joints can be created with manual or pneumatic combination tools, further enhancing their versatility and usability.
Sealless joint works by using interlocking keys to secure the ends of the strapping, providing a strong, robust, and secure closure without the need for traditional seals.
This method is not only cost-effective but also ensures the integrity of the unitized load, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-impact scenarios such as car loading.

MVS ACMEI is a leading industrial packaging player in India and has been renowned for its dynamic solutions & innovations in the industry. In collaboration with TITAN Germany, MVS ACMEI has introduced the first Sealless TIG Strapping Technology in India, eliminating the need for seals and significantly increasing joint strength. The Sealless joint is also a huge leap for sustainable product development and promotes sustainability reforms for the Indian Packaging Industry.

The innovative technological partnership between MVS ACMEI and TITAN is an impactful part of our ideology that identifies SMART. This partnership further strengthens MVS ACMEI’s high-performing packaging solutions. It is a company known for its top-quality strapping tools, heads, and complete machines, has enabled MVS ACMEI to offer high-performing packaging solutions.

The Sealless joint, originating from TITAN’s R&D and “Made in Germany” products, has found applications in various industries, including the steel and metal industry.

The Benefits

  • Elimination of seals
  • Reduces costs and maintenance
  • A significant increase in joint strength

Additionally, the partnership allows MVS ACMEI to introduce world-class strapping tools and heads, further enhancing the value proposition for customers.

This collaboration showcases MVS ACMEI’s commitment to innovation and its ability to bring world-class strapping & packaging solutions to the Indian market. By leveraging TITAN’s expertise and products, MVS ACMEI has made and continues to make a substantial impact on the packaging industry in India and beyond.
MVS ACMEI is a one-of-a-kind industrial packaging expert that provides a complete packaging solution, including field audits, automation, equipment, in-house packaging consumables, and, contract services along with a highly skilled and experienced team.

Sealless TIG Strapping Technology Equipment for near Zero Percent Downtime!

In extreme high-temperature industrial settings such as those found in hot strip mills, the implementation of sealless TIG welding technology in strapping machines has proven instrumental with exceptional uptime. Achieving a 99.9% machine availability rate for JSW Steel and TATA Steel, our top-notch clients, have enthusiastically deployed this innovative solution, reporting significant enhancements in productivity across all their operational sites. With consistently high output of strapping hot rolled steel coils, this technology has emerged as a cornerstone in optimizing efficiency and performance within their respective facilities with strapping equipment facing near zero percent downtime.